Marion Abada Photography | Photo Impressionism
This series of images is an exploration of the concepts of the 19th Century painting style of Impressionism using the medium of digital photography. I wanted to apply the principles of impressionism to create my own personal, subjective response to the landscape. This is about 3 things:

1. Light - how it feels, how it changes throughout the day/weather/seasons & how light can be transforming

2. Time - trying to capture a 'moment in time' - a minute later and what we see and how we feel about it is completely different

3. Essence - These images are not documentary, literal translations. I wanted to create an emotional interpretation of the landscape
Williamstown Beach, MelbourneFlinders St Station, MelbourneSt Kilda Pier, MelbourneLuna Park, SydneyOpera House, SydneyQVB, SydneyThe Rocks, SydneySyracuse, SicilyWeribee Mansion, MelbourneWilliamstown Pier, MelbourneWollongong LighthouseDocklands, MelbourneSouthbank, Melbourne