Marion Abada Photography | Reflections
The subject of this series of images is the Maribyrnong River which runs from Mount Macedon all the way through to the dockyards joining the Yarra River before it enters Port Phillip Bay.

In the late 1800’s the Maribyrnong River became Melbourne’s primary industrial water corridor. Since this time, Melbourne has become Australia’s second largest city and the Maribyrnong river plays an important role as an open public space and community asset as well as retaining much of its industrial and commercial heritage.

These images represent an exploration of mans complex, interconnected relationship with the river and the idea that human activity is transient but can change the nature and bend the will of the river. The river is constantly moving. Its waters flows peacefully and relentlessly out into the Bay. We never see the same river twice. 200, 100, 50, 20, 2 years ago and yesterday the river was a very different place than it is today and tomorrow it will be different again. Each image in this folio captures one of these fleeting moments in time.

It is tranquil, beautiful, enduring and timeless, but it is also a fragile and an ever changing living thing.